Compound messenger effects antagonistic insulin

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Unformatted text preview: activate enzymes Æ turn metabolic pathways on/off. Compound messenger effects • Antagonistic: – Insulin stimulates lipogenesis; glucagon stimulates lipolysis. • Synergistic: – Both glucagon and epinephrine receptors cause the production of cAMP second messenger in the same cell. • Complementary: – FSH and testosterone stimulate different parts of spermatogenesis. • Permissive: – Glucocorticoids stimulate the synthesis of enzymes that are regulated by epinephrine. Neurons conduct electrochemical impulses and transmit messages to other cells Neurons — 1. Membrane potential 2. Excitability 3. Conduction 4. Transmission Heyer 3 Coordination of Body Functions • Dendrites: increase surface area of cell body to receive signals. • Cell body: location of nucleus and most organelles. • Axon: conducts electrochemical impulses. • Termini: transmit message to target cell. Neuron: A Nerve Cell Axons are Polarized: Resting Potential Membranes of neurons are electrically charged • Chemical gradients of ions produce electrica...
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