Hypothalamus secretes releasing homone trh to

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Unformatted text preview: eyer 8 Coordination of Body Functions Feedback Control of the Anterior Pituitary Feedback Control of the Anterior Pituitary So, … 1. If a body builder takes anabolic steroids (synthetic androgens) … 2. The steroids act like other androgens and inhibit the pituitary from secreting gonadotropins . … 3. With supressed gonadotropin secretion, the gonads fail to grow. Another example: thyroid function: 1. Hypothalamus secretes releasing homone (TRH) to stimulate anterior pituitary. 2. Anterior pituitary secretes thyr otropin (TSH) to stimulate thyroid to: 1. Grow 2. Secrete thyroid hormone (thyroxine ) “Their grapes turn to raisins. ” 3. Thyroxine from thyroid feedback to inhibit pituitary from secreting more TSH. Exogenous sex steroids Feedback Control of the Anterior Pituitary But, iodine is needed to synthesize thyroxine . 1. If the diet is deficient in iodine, thyroid cannot make thyroxine . 2. If no thyroxine , no negative feedback on ant. pituitary. 3. Ant. pituitary continues to secre...
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