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Unformatted text preview: s Note: not all hormones are secreted by specialized glands Regulation of Blood Glucose by Antagonistic Negative Feedback Loops • Pancreas regulates blood sugar levels • Glucose is taken up or released by: – liver as glycogen stores • Glucagon from alpha cells ups blood GAC UP glucose • Insulin from beta cells drops it BIN DOWN BIN DOWN Insects and Others Also Use Antagonistic Hormones • Ecdysone – induces epidermis to secrete new cuticle underneath old one • Juvenile Hormone – inhibits metamorphosis GAC UP Pituitary Gland — the “Master Gland” • Pituitary gland is located below the forebrain. • Structurally and functionally divided into: – Posterior lobe — an extension of the hypothalamus neural tissue. – Anterior lobe — epithelial gland derived from the roof of the mouth. Heyer 7 Coordination of Body Functions Posterior Pituitary: Neurohypophysis Positive feedback: amplifying the oxytocin response • Antidiuretic Hormone (vasopressin): › kidney reabsorp of water fl ...
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