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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary Accessory fruit Achene Aggregate achene Aggregate drupe Alternation of generations Archegonium Angiosperm/Anthophyta Anther Antheridium Apical Meristem Ascomycota /ascus/ascospores Asteraceae Bacca Basidiomycota /basidium/basidiospores Bract Bryophytes/Bryophyta Calyx Carpel/pistil Cell proliferation Cell wall Cellulose Chitin Chlorophyll Chlorophyte/Chlorophyta Chloroplast Cone Conidiophore/Conidia Coniferophyta Cotyledon Cork Cork cambium Corolla Cuticle Dehiscent fruit Dependent embryo Dependent gametophyte Dependent sporophyte Dermal tissue Determinate/indeterminate ­ growth Dicot (leaves, roots, stems) Differentiation / maturation Dikaryotic Diploid Double fertilization Drupe Elongation / Hypertrophy Embryo Embryophyte Embryo sac Endodermis Endosperm Epidermis Fabaceae Fertilization Fibrous (adventitious) root Filament Flower Fruit Fruiting body Fungi Gamete Gametophyte Gender / Mating type Generative cell Grain Green Algae Ground Tissue Guard cells Gymnosperms Haploid Heartwood Heterokaryotic Heterotroph Homosporous / heterosporous Hyphae Indehiscent Fruit Integument Karyogamy Lamiaceae Lateral meristem Leaf (structure and function) Lichen Lignin Liliaceae Megasporangia / megaspores Meiosis Meristematic growth Mesophyll Microsporangia / microspores Mitosis Mold Monocot (leaves, roots, stems) Multiple Fruit Mushroom Mycelium Mychorrizae Non ­vascular plant Nut Ovary (superior/inferior) Ovule Ovum Petals Pericarp (exo, endo, meso) Perisperm Petiole Phloem (primary / secondary) Plantae Plasmogamy Poaceae Pome Pollen Primary growth Prokaryote / eukaryote Prothallium Pteridophyte/Pterophyte Receptacle Root (structure and function) Root zones Rosaceae Sapwood Scrophulariaceae Secondary growth Seed (monocot/dicot) Seed coat Sepal Sorus Sperm Spermatophyte Sporangium Spore Sporocyte Sporophyte Stamen Stem (structure and function) Stigma Stoma(ta) Style Syncytium Syngamy Tap root Tracheophyte Triploid Tube cell Vascular cambium Vascular non ­seed plant Vascular seed plant Vascular tissue Viridiplantae Xylem (primary / secondary) Yeast Zygote Zygomycota Zygosporangium “What is the ploidy …?” Choose the best, most descriptive answer! uninuclear diploid uninuclear haploid syncytial diploid syncytial haploid dikaryotic diploid dikaryotic haploid heterokaryotic diploid heterokaryotic haploid ...
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