6 ppm sulfur dioxide on average seed and pod

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Unformatted text preview: Production in Soybeans Treatment Number Seeds per Pod Pods per Plant Control 24 3.26 16 S02 24 1.96 13 Tables are used to present results that have a few too many data points. They are also useful for displaying several dependent variables. For example, average number of bean pods, average number of seeds per pod, and average weight of pods per plant for treated and untreated plants could all be presented in one table. The following guidelines will help you construct a table: • All values of the same kind should read down the column, not across a row. Include only data that are important in presenting the results and for further discussion. • Information and results that are not essential (for example: test-tube number, simple calculations, or data with no differences) should be omitted. • The headings of each column should include units of measurement, if appropriate. • Tables are numbered consecutively throughout a lab report or scientific paper. For example: Table 1.3 would be the third table in your report. • The title, which is located at the top of the table, should be clear and concise, with enough information to allow the table to be understandable apart from the text. Capitalize the first and important words in the title. Do not capitalize articles (a, an, the), short prepositions, and conjunctions. The title does not need a period at the end. Biology 6C 15 Refer to each table in the written text. Summarize the data and refer to the table; for example, "The plants treated with sulfur dioxide produced an average of 1.96 seeds per pod (Table 4)." Do not write, "See the results in Table 4." • If you are using a database program, such as Excel, you should still sketch your table on paper before constructing it on the computer. • Complete Table 1.4 below using group data from the spreadsheet. Your table should present average ratios for height:head circumference and height:arm length for the class and for newborns. Don’t forget the title....
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