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Unformatted text preview: Biology 6C 11 Record your two questions below: Hypothesis Record a hypothesis for each of your questions: Table 1.1 Average Body Part Sizes for Newborn North Americans, Both Sexes Body Part Description of Measurement Length/Height From sole of foot to top of head Head circumference Head at largest diameter Upper limb (total arm) From shoulder joint to tip of middle finger Hand length From wrist to tip of middle finger Span Between fingertips of middle finger with arms outstretched Lower limb (total leg) From sole of foot to joint where leg meets hip laterally Crown-rump length In seated position, from top of head to surface of a flat-bottom chair or bench Foot length Size (cm) Measure from heel to toe standing on a tape measure The Experiment In this experiment you will compare the ratios of height to head circumference and arm length in newborns and yourselves. Work in your group to discuss experimental design and complete the questions below. What is the dependent variable in your experiments? What is the independent variable? What are some controlled variables? 12 Exercise 1.B. Scientific Investigation: Experimental Design Applied Prediction Predict the results of each experiment based on your hypotheses (if/then). Write one prediction for head circumference and one for arm length. Performing the Experiment To measure head circumference, use a piece of string to wrap around the head of the person being measured at the forehead level. Measure the string using a meter stick. To measure arm length, you may also use a piece of string to measure from the shoulder joint to the tip of the middle finger. You may self-report your height. Results 1. Record measurement results of height (H), head circumference (HC), and arm length (AL) for each member of your team for the first body part in Table 1.2. (Remember, to convert inches to cm, multiply by 2.54.) 2. Calculate height:head circumference ratio (H:HC) for each member of your team. (Just divide H/HC) 3. Record data for newborns fro...
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