2 obtain a sampler a centrifuge tube and collect a

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Unformatted text preview: centrifuge tube) and collect a sample of beans by filling the sampler to the top. Count and record the number collected and mark each collected bean with a marker. After marking, return the beans to the population and thoroughly mix the beans by shaking the container. 3. Draw out a second sample. Record the number of marked and unmarked beans, but do not return this to the population just yet. You will use these numbers to estimate population size using the Lincoln- Peterson index. 4. Now mark each unmarked bean and return this sample to the population, thoroughly mix, and then take a third sample. Again, count the number of marked and unmarked beans, mark the unmarked beans and return the sample to the bean population. 5. Take a fourth and final sample, and count marked and unmarked beans. Now you have the data necessary to estimate population size using the Schnabel index. Biology 6C 71 Data Analysis: Population Size Estimate 1. Enter your data in the table below. Table 3.3 Mark-Recapture Data i Ci Ri New marked Mi 1 2 3 4 2. Using the Lincoln-Peterson index,...
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