From the above we can estimate population size as n 0

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Unformatted text preview: we can estimate population size as: N= (0 * 100) + (100 * 85) + (170 * 105) 26350 = = 659 0 + 15 + 25 40 Note that had we sampled only two times, our population size estimate would be 567, so this value is dependent on the number of samples taken. 70 Exercise 3.B. Estimating Population Size: Mark-Recapture Lab Exercise 3B: Mark-Recapture of Pinto Beans Research Question How do population estimates using mark-recapture techniques compare to the true population size? Preparation Mark-recapture involves marking a set number of organisms, releasing them back into the population where they mix with unmarked individuals, and then doing a second collecting visit. Since mark-recapture typically requires a substantial time between marking and recapturing (at least 24 hours, and generally longer), we will simulate the process using the incredibly non-mobile pinto bean in place of a mobile animal. Materials (per laboratory team) Container to hold 400 beans 400 beans Sampling container (such as a centrifuge tube) Marker Procedure 1. Obtain a container and add 400 beans to it. 2. Obtain a sampler (a...
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