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Biology 6C 97 Exercise 4C Measuring Biodiversity — Bird Surveys Research Question: How diverse is the community of bird species on campus? How does this campus bird diversity compare to a selected, more “natural”, off-campus site? Materials (per laboratory team) Binoculars Field guide Procedure — repeat for each survey location (You’ll need another set of all data sheets.) 1. Establish a time (e.g., one hour) for your census of campus birds. Designate one recorder for your group. As you walk, all members of the class should look for birds and relay information to the recorder. The recorder should write the name of each bird on the Data Sheet. Each time this species is encountered, record numbers of individuals in the second column of Table 4.7. If you see a flock of birds, have everyone in the group estimate numbers, and then choose the middle (median) estimate as your group record. 2. When your observation time is complete, sum the number of individuals of each species, and include these totals in the right hand column of Table 4.7. 3. Determine species richness (number of species). 4. Transfer these totals to the Shannon Calculation Table (Table 4.8). Calculate H, the diversity index for this sample, following the example from the Introduction [pre-lab]. Record your estimated value of H. 5. Use your value of H to calculate species evenness (J), following the example in the introduction. 6. Enter your data in the class spreadsheet.
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4cMeasuringBiodiversityBirds - Exercise 4C Measuring...

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