6PredatorPrey - Biology 6C 117 Exercise 6: PredatorPrey...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology 6C 117 Exercise 6: PredatorPrey Interactions This exercise illustrates how different populations interact within a community, and how this interaction can influence the process of evolution in both species. The relationship between a predator (you) and a prey species (beans) will be used as an example. It should help you to understand how certain physical characteristics that confer an advantage to survival can come to predominate in a population. These advantageous characteristics are called adaptations . An adaptation aids survival by either decreasing a prey's chance of being eaten, or by increasing a predator's chance of obtaining food to survive and reproduce. Summary of Activities 1. Hunt for 1 minute, using the available foraging tool. 2. Count up your individual kills and add them to the class totals. 3. Calculate reproduction of the next generation. 4. Repeat foraging process for up to four generations. Each student in our class will be a member of the predator population. You will have one of three different physical characteristics for capturing prey. One group will hunt with teaspoons, one group will hunt with soupspoons, and one group with forks. This is the foraging equipment you were "born" with. You all have the same mouth, which is a paper cup in your other hand....
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6PredatorPrey - Biology 6C 117 Exercise 6: PredatorPrey...

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