Invasives from altered gene pools atlantic smooth

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Unformatted text preview: than native cordgrass • Reduces tidal flow over saltmarsh Invasives from North America! Invasives from Altered gene pools Atlantic smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) hybridizes with native Pacific saltmarsh cordgrass (Spartina foliosa ) – Local populations eliminated as distinct species •n Spartina foliosa •n Spartina alterniflora •n Spartina hybrid Community Succession • Succession: The gradual change in community structure, composition and distribution over time, generally following a significant disturbance to the environment. • A disturbance is an event that changes a community – Removes organisms from a community – Alters resource availability North American pines invading grassland and riparian habitat in southern Brazil Heyer 15 Community Ecology Primary succession on moraines behind retreating glaciers • 1° succession is a change from a prebiotic to a biotic habitat following a catastrophic disturbance. 1899 1879 1879 1935 1949 1879 Johns Hopkins Gl. 1948 0 (a) Pioneer stage, with fireweed dominant 5 1 0 Miles 1941 1931 1911 1948 Gl. 1907 au te Pla Grand Canada Pacific Gl.Alaska 1940 1912 Gl. uir M • 2° succession is the gradual replacement of opportunistic species by more specialized competitors. • Stability is the end-product of succession when it is not interrupted by significant disturbances. • Pioneer commu...
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