Noxious legally designated as a pest species by

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Unformatted text preview: ed species to North America are invasive. • Noxious : legally designated as a pest species by governmental agency. Invasive Introduced Species • Community and Population Level Impacts - Vegetation structure - Community composition - Resource competition - Negative impacts on native animals - Promotion of non-native invasive animals - Population reductions, eliminations - Reduced recruitment of natives (succession) - Hybridization with native species • Ecosystem Level Impacts • Berteroa incana is native to Eurasia but now widespread in grasslands in North America. However, it is rarely if ever abundant in wildlands and not known to have negative impacts on biodiversity. Heyer - Disturbance regimes (i.e. fires) - Hydrology - Geomorphological processes (i.e. erosion, sedimentation) - Soil chemistry (i.e. nutrients, salinity, pH) 12 Community Ecology Changed vegetation structure Changed vegetation structure • Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana and C. jubata) invade coastal sage scrub and maritime chaparral communities along the California coast converting them to alien grasslands. • Scotch broom ( Cytisus scoparius , the dark green shrub) invades grasslands and marshes, converting them to shrublands. Change in coastal community invaded by pampas grass Changed vegetation structure spring • • • Changed vegetation structure • Ar...
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