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BIOLOGY 11 – PRE-LAB EXERCISE Name: Answer Key 3 5 Chemical Composition of Cells 1. What is an organic compound? A complex molecule built from a chain of carbon atoms. 2. What three classes of organic macromolecules are we analyzing in Lab 3 of your Lab Manual? Name a specific example of a monosaccharide analyzed in Lab 3. glucose Name a specific example of a polysaccharide analyzed in Lab 3. starch What type of reaction converts monomers (subunits) into polymers? dehydration synthesis What type of reaction converts polymers into monomers? hydrolysis What type of protein speed up biochemical reactions? enzymes 3. Which organic compounds are detected by the Biuret reagent? peptides and proteins What colors indicate a positive result (presence of that compound)? pink-purple to purple What color indicates a negative result (absence of that compound)? blue 4. What organic compounds are detected by the Benedict’s reagent?
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