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Unformatted text preview: BIOLOGY 11 PRE-LAB EXERCISE Name: Answer Key 5 Lab Day & Time: 5 Human Body Tissues 1. Refer to Figure 5.1 in the Lab Manual and the accompanying photomicrographs (photos taken with a microscope) of a variety of human tissues. List and describe the four steps needed to process a piece of body tissue to make a prepared slide such as one of these. 1. Fixation: tissue is immersed in preservative. 2. Embedding: tissue is immersed in alcohol and then impregnated with wax. 3. Sectioning: the embedded tissue is sliced into extremely thin slices, and then placed on a slide. 4. Staining: the tissue section on the slide is immersed in a special dye to stain specific structures. How is the photomicrograph of the blood cells different from the other pictures in Figure 5.1 ? (Hint: Refer back to Figure 2.3 in Lab 2.) Scanning electron micrograph (the others are light photomicrographs) [Also, blood does not need to be fixed, embedded, & sectioned.] 2. a) Name each of the four major (primary) types of tissues in the human body; b) describe the distinguishing...
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