PreLab8R - BIOLOGY 11 PRE-LAB EXERCISE 8 1. 5 Name: Answer...

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BIOLOGY 11 – PRE-LAB EXERCISE Name: Answer Key 8 5 Features of the Cardiovascular System 1. Read the “ Pulse-Rate Method ” in section 8.3 Heartbeat of your Lab Manual . On at least two different mornings, take your resting pulse rate , before you get out of bed in the morning , and before you engage in any activity or are disturbed. Record your daily resting heart rate and the average. Day 1: Day 2: Average Resting Pulse Rate = beats per minute 2. Computation of your target heart rate. In order to improve and maintain the health of your cardiovascular system (i.e., to increase your stamina and to reduce the risks of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and impaired circulation), it is generally recommended that you engage in aerobic exercise for at least twenty minutes, 3–4 times per week. During these exercise sessions, you should sustain a target heart rate that takes into account your age and the current condition of your heart. [Consult your physician before starting any radically new exercise regime!] Calculate your personal target heart rate, following these steps: a. Begin with 220 points (a figure determined by statistics) 220 . b. Age (
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PreLab8R - BIOLOGY 11 PRE-LAB EXERCISE 8 1. 5 Name: Answer...

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