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PreLab1820R - BIOLOGY 11 PRE-LAB EXERCISE 18 20 5 Name...

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BIOLOGY 11 – PRE-LAB EXERCISE Name: Answer Key 18+20 5 1. What is a gene? A unit of heredity. A region of DNA with instructions for making a specific protein. How did you get two copies of each of your genes? One from my mother, one from my father. What are alleles? Different versions of the same gene. Define the term “homozygous.” The same two alleles for a given gene. Define the term “heterozygous.” Two different alleles for a given gene. 2. What is the difference between your genotype and your phenotype? Genotype: which alleles are present for a specific gene. Phenotype: the observable trait resulting from that genotype. What is the difference between a dominant trait and a recessive trait? Dominant trait phenotype is observed with either homozygous or heterozygous genotype. Recessive trait phenotype is only observed if genotype is homozygous for that allele. 3.
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