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LabMeasuringYourReactionTime - MEASURING YOUR REACTION TIME...

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Objective 1. Calculate your reaction time and compare to the reaction time of the class. 2. Compare the reaction time of males and females in the class. 3. Compare the reaction time in terms of age for the class. Equipment 1. Meter stick Theory If an object is released from rest it can be proven (we will prove it in lecture) that the distance it fall is given by the equation: In this equation: g = 9.80 m/s 2 (the acceleration of the meter stick which is constant for all objects near the earth’s surface) t = Time of fall of the meter stick (time from when the meter stick is release to when it is caught). This is your reaction time. Procedure 1. Have your lab partner, whose reaction time is being measured, place his/her forearm on the lab bench with the fingers overhanging the edge. This is to prevent your partner from moving their arm downwards, chasing after the falling ruler. 2. Suspend the ruler between your partner's thumb and finger, held about 1 cm apart. Drop the ruler without warning while the first partner attempts to catch it. 3.
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