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1 OBJECTIVE To calculate the range of a projectile that is launched horizontally by a ballistic pendulum by applying Conservation of Energy and Conservation of Momentum. EQUIPMENT 1. ballistic pendulum 2. carbon paper 3. tape 4. meter stick 5. pan balance THEORY Figure 1 The apparatus shown in Figure 1 is called the ballistic pendulum. This device is used to determine the speed of fast moving projectiles. The projectile is launched horizontally into a pendulum and then swing together until they reach a maximum vertical height ‘h’. Conservation of momentum and energy can then be applied to measure the initial speed of the projectile. 1. You will apply conservation of momentum to the ball + pendulum system immediately after the ball is fired and immediately after the pendulum catches the ball. By equating the initial momentum to the final momentum for this complete inelastic collision you will have an expression for the velocity of the ball immediately before the collision. The velocity of the ball V b immediately before the collision will be in terms of the velocity V of the ball + pendulum system The Ballistic Pendulum
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2 immediately after the collision, the mass m
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LabTheBallisticPendulum - The Ballistic Pendulum OBJECTIVE...

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