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Physics 2A Lecture Final Review 1. MOTION IN 1-D a) Understand the terms and concepts required to describe the motion of a particle moving in one dimension. b) Know how to use the kinematic equations to describe the motion of an object moving with constant acceleration c) Know how to use the graphs of x vs. t, v vs. t , and a vs. t to find the position, velocity, and acceleration of a particle moving with constant or non-constant acceleration. d) Know how to apply the kinematic equations to object in free-fall motion. e) Understand and know how to define the following terms: Position Displacement Average velocity Instantaneous velocity Average speed Average acceleration Instantaneous acceleration Free-fall Motion Acceleration of gravity 2. VECTORS a) What is a vector quantity? b) What is a scalar quantity? c) Know how to add vectors graphically (geometrically) and using component method. d) What are unit vectors? What are they used for? e) Know how to calculate displacement, velocity (average), and acceleration (average) vectors. f) How do you draw the velocity vector given the path of the particle? g) Vector properties (equality of vectors, commutative law, associative law, vector subtraction, negative of a vector, scalar multiplication) h) Scalar component of a vector. i) Vector components of a vector. j) Magnitude and direction of a vector. k) Know how to sketch vectors graphically. 3. MOTION IN 2-D a) Motion in 2D can be analyzed by treating the x and y motion separately. The two motions are independent, each with constant acceleration. b) Kinematic equations can be used to describe motion in 2-D since it’s motion with
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Physics2ALectureFinalReview - Physics 2A Lecture Final...

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