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PHYSICS 4A - LAB FINAL REVIEW For the laboratory final you will be responsible for the following material: 1. Understand random and systematic errors. 2. Analyze random and systematic errors in an experiment to understand how they effected the outcome of experiment. 3. Know how to calculate the uncertainties in measurements using analog and digital measuring devices. 4. Know how to calculate the uncertainties in calculations using the general error propagation equation. 5. Make measurements and calculations to the correct number of significant figures. 6. Know how to use every measuring device used in any lab and how to calculate the uncertainty. 7. Understand and know how to derive the theory associated with any of the labs performed during the quarter. 8. Know how to analyze data graphically using MS EXCEL. 9. Understand and explain the concepts associated with each lab.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Know how to write a coherent, comprehensive scientific lab report. 11. Know how to setup the equipment/apparatus for any of the labs performed. 12. Lab final will include a practical component. 13. You need to be able to understand and define the following terms: a) Systematic/Random errors b) Uncertainties c) Error Propagation d) Free-Fall Motion e) Methods of analyzing free-fall motion in lab f) Newton’s Laws of Motion g) Uniform Circular Motion h) Hooke’s Law i) Kinematic Equations j) Static equilibrium k) Torque l) Lever Arm m) Isolated System n) Simple Harmonic Motion o) Simple Harmonic Motion Equation Solution p) Conservation of Mechanical Energy q) Conservation of Momentum r) Types of Collisions s) Motion of the center of mass t) Moment of Inertia...
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