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1 Objective 1. To experimentally calculate the moment of inertia of a disk (I disk ) , hoop (I hoop ) , and disk+hoop (I disk+hoop ) 2. Compare I disk and I hoop to their expected values: 2 22 12 1 2 1 () 2 disk disk hoop hoop IM R R R = =+ 3. Show experimentally that: I hoop+disk = I hoop + I disk Apparatus 1. large rod 2. pulleys (2) 3. moment of inertia apparatus 4. set of masses 5. triple-beam balance 6. stop watch Theory 1. Consider the following system shown below. M M H V i =0 V rotating platform MOMENT OF INERTIA & CONSERVATION OF ENERGY
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2 2. Use conservation of energy to derive an expression for the moment of inertia of the rotating platform assuming that the system is released from rest. 3. Using the kinematic equations of motion obtain an expression for the speed of the mass M after it has fallen a height H when released from rest. 4. Simplify your derived equation obtained in part (2) to obtain the moment of inertia in terms of the following variables/constants: I = I(m,g,r,t,H).
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MomentofInertiaConservationo - MOMENT OF INERTIA &...

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