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Physics4AEquationSheet - PHYSICS 4A EQUATION SHEET r = rf...

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PHYSICS 4A EQUATION SHEET f i r r r = G G G Displacement r v t = G G Average velocity dt r d v G G = Instantaneous velocity v a t = G G Average acceleration 2 2 dt r d dt v d a G G G = = Instataneous acceleration o v v at = + Velocity as function of time 2 (1/ 2) o o x x v t at = + + Position as function of time 2 2 2 ( ) o o v v a x x = + Velocity as function of position 2 o o v v x x t + = + Position as function of velocity and time 2 r v a r = Radial (centripetal) acceleration F ma = G G Newton’s 2 nd Law w mg = Weight of a body k k f N µ = Kinetic friction force N f s s µ Static frictional force cos W F s Fs θ = = G Work done by constant force = 2 1 s d F W G G Work done by a non-constant force s F kx = − Spring force (Hooke’s Law) 2 2 (1/ 2) (1/ 2) s i f W kx kx = Work done by spring force W applied = - W s Work done by applied force K=(1/2)mv 2 Kinetic energy net f i W K K K = = ∆ Work-Energy Theorem K s d F W net net = = 2 1 G G Work-Energy Theorem P ave =
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