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PARTIAL CREDIT will be given so do what you can and make sure that you show all work for each problem. No credit will be given if no work is shown . The point value of each question is indicated. 1. A rock dropped from a cliff falls one-third of its total distance to the ground in the last second of its fall. Determine the height of the cliff. (10 pts) 2. A train pulls away from a station with a constant acceleration of 0.4 m/s 2 . A passenger arrives at the track 6.0 s after the end of the train has passed the very same point. What is the slowest constant speed at which she can run and catch the train? (10 pts) 3. Suppose that the clock on our lecture room has a minute-hand length of 5.0 cm. (Use a coordinate system with the origin at center of clock and +x axis along the 3PM direction and the +y direction along the 12PM direction) (15pts) a) Calculate the displacement of the tip of the minute hand from the 3 PM mark to the 8 PM mark. Label the vectors on clock diagram.
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