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PHYSICS 4A – SAMPLE EXAM 3 1. A mass “m” moving with velocity “ v ” undergoes a one-dimensional perfectly inelastic collision with a target of mass “M” attached to a spring with spring constant “k” as shown. Find the maximum spring compression in terms of m, M, v, and K. (Assume surface is frictionless) (10 pts.) m M K v 2. A 1000 kg car traveling east at 30 m/s collides at an intersection with a 2000 kg truck traveling north at 20 m/s. The two vehicles stick together after the collision. (10 pts) a) Calculate the magnitude and direction of the total momentum before the collision. For the direction just write the equation required to solve for the direction. b) Calculate the magnitude and direction of the velocity of the cars just after the collision. c) Calculate the kinetic energy lost during the collision. 3. The cylinder shown below with mass M and radius R is held by a hand that is accelerated
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Unformatted text preview: upward so that the center of mass of the cylinder does not move. [I cm = (1/2)MR 2 ] (10 pts) a) Find the tension in the string. b) Find the angular acceleration of the cylinder. c) Find the acceleration of the hand. R M T 3. A uniform disk of mass M and radius R can rotate freely about a horizontal axis through its center and perpendicular to the plane of the disk. A small particle of mass m is attached to the rim of the disk at the top, directly above the pivot (see diagram below). The system is given a gentle push, and the disk begins to rotate. R M m a) What is the angular speed of the disk when the particle is at its lowest position? b) At this point, what force must be exerted by the disk on the particle to keep it stuck to the disk? 1...
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