MaxwellsDisplacementCurrent - MAXWELLS DISPLACEMENT CURRENT...

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MAXWELL’S DISPLACEMENT CURRENT A. Recall Ampere‟s Law I C r S P oc B dl I  The line integral of B dl around any closed path equals μ o I C where I C is the total steady-state conduction current passing through any surface bounded by the closed path. 2 2 B r I I B r  B. Maxwell‟s Difficulty Consider a charging capacitor. Consider the two surface – the plane surface and the bulging surface: Plane Surface plane surface B dl I Bulging Surface lg 0 Thus, clearly a contradiction!! bu ing surface B dl
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C. Maxwell‟s Solution Maxwell solved this problem by postulating an additional term in Ampere‟s Law called Displacement Current . E do d I dt Displacement Current
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MaxwellsDisplacementCurrent - MAXWELLS DISPLACEMENT CURRENT...

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