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Unformatted text preview: sL.JAlr t. i s " o b l e m 1 . 3 ) Jhoosing axcs s of the ball's g. Hence find r of time and I (b) Show that rse axcs O-r'.v' Discuss bricflY (You can find ix B.) ]s) :s a small can- ronstant vcloci- : I should the izontal floor of rd back in the your choice of ar, traveling at rt the right end rp at a height ft a catapult with r the car's floor the catapult at If he wants the when it goes (relative to the far horizontallY ? Explain your )n between two tilh m << M. lt rnd M is initiallY r with its speed at rest (to an ,ct to predict the speed Do and ll? r the reference predict the final nr and M. with oth traveling at dergo a head on, Both are in cars :e between them f:lfil.Jf{fl: i i 1} ( P r o b l e m 1 . 8 ) is /. The policeman wishes to sl.toot the robber with a gun whosc mtzz.le velocity is rre. At what angle 0 above the horizontal should he point his gun'l First solve this problem using coordinates traveling with t h e p o l i c e m a n . a s s h o w n i n F i g . 1 . 1 9 . T h e n s k e t c h t h e solution using coordinates fixed to the groundl is the angle of the gun the same as the angle of the bullet's initial velocity in this frame? (Thc advantages of the first frame are not overwhelming: nevcrtheless. it is clearly the natural choice lor the problem.) sEcrloN 1.4 (Classical Relativity and the Speed of Light) 1.9 n Let us assume the classical ideas of space and time are correct. so that therc could only be one framc. the "ether frame," in which light traveled at the same...
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