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Radioactivity Radiation There are 3 types of radiation that arise from radioactive elements. They are: 1. Alpha ( α ) Radiation – the emitted particles are 4 He or He +2 nuclei ( 2 protons and 2 neutrons) 2. Beta ( β ) Radiation – The emitted particles are either electrons or positrons. 3. Gamma ( γ ) Radiation - The emitted radiation are high energy photons. The 3 types of radiation have different penetrating power: Alpha ( α ) particles
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Unformatted text preview: can barely penetrate a sheet of paper Beta ( ) particles can penetrate 2 mm of aluminum Gamma ( ) Rays can penetrate several centimeters of lead The distinction between X-rays and Gamma ( ) Rays are not due to their energy but on their source of radiation. X-Rays are produced by accelerating electrons and gamma ( ) Rays are produced by transitions within unstable (radioactive) atomic nuclei....
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