Checkpoint wk 1-1 - responsibilities be organized listen to...

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1 Check Point 1: Incident 1-1 Brandy Barnett MGT/210 August 24, 2011 Brian Atkinson
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2 Check Point 1: Incident 1-1 In my opinion, Roy would be a good supervisor. Roy possesses several qualities that make him a worthy choice for supervisor: Just to highlight a few, He has 15 years of work experience, 10 years of problem solving experience by negotiating employee-employer difference, 6 years of leadership experience as union president, and the respect of his fellow employees and management with the outcome of the negotiations. He also knows the goals of the company and has worked for both the company and the union to reach those goals. While with the company, he has developed a reputation for being firm but fair in his negotiations with management. A good supervisor needs to know more than just how to handle people. In order to be a good and effective supervisor an individual also needs to know how to motivate people, delegate
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Unformatted text preview: responsibilities, be organized, listen to and resolve an individual employees’ problem, be able to smile at customers, clients, other employees, and fellow management after dealing with an irate employee, and meet all other expectations of the company. All of which Roy has demonstrated while negotiating union complaints with management. I think Roy’s fellow employees would be happy that he is a supervisor. The employees have shown that they value his opinion and management style or they would not have elected him as president for a second time or allowed him to work in various other capacities in the union. I think the employees would also feel that they will have a manager that will do what is best for both them and the company if he accepts the position....
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Checkpoint wk 1-1 - responsibilities be organized listen to...

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