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Life cycle of concrete

Life cycle of concrete - from the Quarry is another green...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 9/2/11 Extract Raw Material From Rock Quarry ( Limestone, Clay, and Sand) Package and Distribution: Cement is processed through Silos and then transported for packaging and distribution. Production: Blend, Grind, Heat, and Cooled. Then crushed into a powder which is cement. Landfill Recycle: Recycle Concrete Aggregate s (RCA) End of Use (Disposa l) Flow Chart: Life Cycle of Concrete The red boxes are the greatest environmental Impact area. One method to extract the raw material is to blow up the rock using dynamite. This process releases green house gases into the atmosphere. Transportation to and
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Unformatted text preview: from the Quarry is another green house gas contribution. As mention in the handout, production of concrete creates significant CO2 emissions. Packaging and distribution creates more CO2 green house gas contributions. The method of disposal is the most important environmental decision of the life cycle of concrete. Recycling concrete slows down the pace of landfill operations, reduces the need for new raw material, and helps reduce green house gas emissions. Exercise 3: Homework 5 Tracy Crushed on site and transported to refinery Used: Mix cement with sand, water, and gravel to make concrete....
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