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Adam Ohanesian 6/20/2011 Introductory Assignment Hello Professor Brosowski, My name is Adam Ohanesian and I am a part time student in the online MBA program. I am currently employed for Verizon as a network technician which means, I sit in front of a PC and build networks for customers, other phone companies, and Verizon Wireless. June 30 th will mark my 3 year anniversary at Verizon. Prior to Verizon I worked for a smaller phone company called One Communications. I worked for One from after undergraduate school until I started at Verizon starting off as a repair technician and working my way to one of the repair managers. My career plan is to obtain my MBA and obtain a position in management either with
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Unformatted text preview: Verizon or another company. I am taking this course as it is a requirement for the MBA program. I do not wish to get into the financial field, however after reading the syllabus, the knowledge I obtain will help me in a new position. I hope to accomplish a grade of B or better in this course and broaden the little financial reporting knowledge I have. What is unique about me is that I am an extremely hard worker, be it taking a course, or at my job. I take extreme pride in anything I put my name on. I feel that is a unique quality as a lot of people in the world just do not care and “wing it”. I look forward to learning a lot about financial reporting....
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