Assignment 6

Assignment 6 - consider when opening a new factory Overall...

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Adam Ohanesian Assignment #6 4/25/2011 Research Task #1 Based upon the information provided, I would open a new factory in Taiwan, China. After comparing Taiwan, Pakistan, and Indonesia, Taiwan has far more impressive statistics considering they are in the high income category and both Pakistan and Indonesia are in the lower middle level. Looking at the economy overview section, Taiwan finished first between the three countries in both 2010 and 2011 for doing business ranking, and they were the only country of the three to increase in this ranking. Looking at the topic rankings now, Pakistan dropped 16 ranks in the starting a business rank and that was enough for me to quickly eliminate them as my choice. Although Indonesia and Taiwan both moved up four ranks in the starting a business rank, I chose Taiwan because all of the other ranking movement was four or less except for paying taxes in which Taiwan moved up nine spots. On the other hand, Indonesia dropped more than four spots in two of the rankings, getting credit and paying taxes which are important to
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Unformatted text preview: consider when opening a new factory. Overall, Taiwan’s statistics are more impressive to me than Pakistan and Indonesia which is why I chose Taiwan to open a factory in. Research Task #2 To import textiles from India into the United States pretty much all commercial shipments of textiles require formal entry regardless of the value. Textiles are considered trade sensitive and may be subject to a higher percentage of examination. I could not find on the website if India specifically was subject to import quotas however I did find that textiles in general are. Textiles and wearing apparel imported for commercial use may be subject to quota and visa requirements associated with preferential duty treatment, depending on the country where the goods are produced. It is also critical to know the classification of the goods, and the associated 3-digit category number, if applicable, in order to determine whether quota or visa restrictions apply to the particular item....
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Assignment 6 - consider when opening a new factory Overall...

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