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Adam Ohanesian 2/7/2011 Final Proposal I have composed a proposal clean up our mux message backlog because as a team the backlog is consistently between 200 and 300 messages daily. Being that my personal backlog is always one of the lowest in the team, I feel that I am qualified to make this proposal to you. If this proposal is followed, the results would be a consistent and maintained decrease in backlog over time, it will be saving time once all employees have followed the steps in the proposal, and will come at a relatively low cost to Verizon. Although each employee has their own way of managing their mux messages and orders, some are more effective than others. If the process is streamlined as proposed, our team will be more effective. The purpose of this proposal is to raise awareness of an important issue that our team has an extremely large backlog of mux messages. This issue does not only reflect poorly on each individual, however on our team as well. It appears that we neglect our mux messages and focus primarily on the orders which are equally as important. Each mux message and order is for a customer and is time sensitive, therefore if one falls onto the backlog, that is a customer that we have failed to provide service to on their requested deadline. After talking to numerous employees, I realize everyone approaches their mux messages and orders differently. The schedule that is sent out daily includes muxes and orders due today, plus up to three days out, as well as a backlog section. Employees tend to focus on the install orders and muxes and do not touch the disconnect orders and muxes letting them fall onto the backlog until they are being escalated by upper management or directors. I am aware that install
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orders and muxes is what brings in revenue for Verizon and disconnect orders and muxes decrease revenue, however some of the install orders and muxes are relying on the disconnect orders and muxed to be completed first. I am also aware that half of the employees are more knowledgeable at the T1 level and the other at the T3 level, therefore that is the type of order they tend to work first and let the orders and muxes they are not familiar with fall to the backlog. I would first propose that all employees take a time management course, not a corporate course because that is focused on personal time, not professional time. I am willing to share my time management techniques with everyone if allowed. Because all of my work is usually done by early afternoon, and I am helping others the remainder of my day, I propose that I teach a time management course for orders and muxes to two to three employees each day. At that rate, all employees will have completed the course in approximately one week. My course will teach
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Final Proposal.doc - Adam Ohanesian 2/7/2011 Final Proposal...

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