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Adam Ohanesian 11/5/2010 My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator I was categorized as having an introverting, sensing, feeling, judging or ISFJ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The result could not be more factual as I have been described as all of these characteristics at some point or another in my life. After reading and reflecting on all the options provided to me, the result did not come as a surprise to me but more of a reassurance that my characteristics are what I have always thought them to be. I am not familiar with the popularity or history of the MBTI activity however I feel as many people can benefit from participating in it, as it will not only teach you something about yourself, but also others and how to improve interaction with others. My MBTI directly relates to my communication style in various ways. For example, when speaking to someone, I always consider how people will feel about how I communicate my thought to them, thus being conscientious which is one of my MBTI character types. I attempt to be conscientious to others feelings and reactions to what I am communicating. Secondly, I have a great memory for details, both in the workplace and at home. This relates to my communication style because when I am explaining anything at all, I am as detailed as possible to avoid confusion or miscommunication. Although some may see this as an annoyance as it takes longer to communicate my point, I would rather be thorough and get my point across the first time. Finally, and I believe is the most important, is being warm, tactful and gentle. Not being tactful and gentle in your communication style I believe can give a mixed message to the receiver. For
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example, I tend to speak and write in a soft, courteous tone as opposed to being aggressive and blunt. When gathering information, only a couple of my MBTI characteristics I found
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My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Adam Ohanesian My...

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