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Adam Ohanesian 12/28/2010 WebThink 2 1a) Different forms of conferencing Videoconferencing o I have heard of videoconferencing such as Skype however I have not participated in any forms of it. Audio conferencing o I have heard of audio conferencing and have participated in some however never via the Internet. I use audio conferencing via the telephone set using conference calling. The experiences I had have been successful and assist me in my work. Multimedia conferencing and screen sharing o I have heard of both and use them occasionally at work. When new training is required, we are taught via a multimedia conference where the instructor shares his screen and Power Point slides with all the participants. The experience is successful and is a great resource to utilize if you are trying to relay a message to a large group, especially if you have documents to share. Chatting o I have heard of chatting and use it on a daily basis at work. The experiences have been good and bad. Good because it is a fast way to
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communicate a quick message. Bad because if you have a longer message to communicate, the message may be misinterpreted. 1b) Video conferencing is a conference set up over the internet with two or more participants. Each participant will need a webcam installed on their computer and speakers if they wish to have audio. Advantages of videoconferencing o You can see people’s reactions to what you communicate. o Meet with people without incurring travel expenses. o Employees will learn presentation skills. o Sharing of documents and ideas in seconds. Disadvantages of videoconferencing
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WebThink 2 - Adam Ohanesian WebThink 2 1a Different forms...

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