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WebThink 3 - Adam Ohanesian 11/11/2010 WebThink 3 I chose...

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Adam Ohanesian 11/11/2010 WebThink 3 I chose the activity Cyborlink: Preparing for Your Business Trip Abroad because different cultural practices have always intrigued me, not only in everyday life but in the business world as well. The three countries I explored were Canada, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. My reasoning for choosing these was, for Canada, the country is geographically close to the Unites States so I was curious if their communication and behavior was close. I chose Spain because my wife and I spent our one year anniversary vacation in the Canary Islands (which is owned by Spain) about a month ago and their lifestyle was so relaxed and calm and I was curious if their business lifestyle was similar. Finally I chose Saudi Arabia because I am half Lebanese which is geographically close to Saudi Arabia and I want to know more about the culture there. The following is a list of what was provided for each country on the websites: Canada Introduction which included population, country size, language, and major cities. Fun fact which spoke about how the western frontier was opened in 1885 when the Canadian railroad opened. The Geert Hofstede Analysis which informed me Canadians measure themselves by personal achievements, they are self confident and open to discussions however do not share personal information except to their closest friends. They have the highest individualism rating according to the Hofstede Dimension. Their lowest ranking is long term orientation, and their power distance is lower than
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average. The predominant religions are Catholic and Christian at 42% and 40%
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WebThink 3 - Adam Ohanesian 11/11/2010 WebThink 3 I chose...

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