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Adam Ohanesian 11/23/2010 WebThink 6 Revision for business writing is a vital component to successful communications. I will explain several reasons supporting the importance of revision for writing, explain what is meant by “Revision Requires a Shift in Your Perspective”, why it is important, and how this shift can be accomplished. I will also touch upon how a good writer can decide what to include in a document, and give my opinion if I feel the revision stage can ever be skipped when writing. Why revision is so important for business writing Ensuring you have said what you intended to in a way the reader will comprehend is a vital and I feel the most important part of revising. If the reader does not initially understand what you meant to say, then the communication process is elongated. Elongated communication is not a bad thing, however you want your reader to understand what message you are sending from square one. An ineffective message is a waste of time for both the reader and the writer. This point emphasizes my previous thought that you would want to get your message across the first time to avoid confusion. Revision provides a service to your reader. Although revising is time consuming and takes the writers attention, it is worth it. When revising, the writer should take into consideration that the reader might misinterpret what you are attempting to say. The statement “Revision Requires a Shift in Your Perspective” means as a writer, you should take a step back from your document, and assume the role of the reader’s
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perspective. This is important because you will only see what you think is on the page versus what is actually there. You should keep your reader in mind when writing to
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WebThink 6 Resubmission - Adam Ohanesian WebThink 6...

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