ex8_10 - Pao=.22 thetao=.91 eps=.055 R=1.987...

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% "ex8_10" % m-file to solve example 8.10 % % x(1)=X % x(2)=P % x(3)=T % xdot(1)=d(X)/dw, xdot(2)=d(P)/dw, xdot(3)=d(T)/dw, etc. % function xdot=ex8_10(w,x) f fao=.188; visc=.090; Ta=1264.67; deltah=-42471-1.563*(x(3)-1260)+.00136*(x(3)^2-1260^2)-2.459*10^(-7)*(x(3)^3- 1260^3); sum=57.23+.014*x(3)-1.94*10^(-6)*x(3)^2; dcp=-1.5625+2.72*10^(-3)*x(3)-7.38*10^(-7)*x(3)^2; k=3600*exp(-176008/x(3)-(110.1*log(x(3)))+912.8); thetaso=0; Po=2;
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Unformatted text preview: Pao=.22; thetao=.91; eps=-.055; R=1.987; Kp=exp(42311/R/x(3)-11.24); K if x(1)<0.05 ra=-k*(.848-.012/(Kp^2)); else ra=-k*((1-x(1))/(thetaso+x(1)))^.5*(x(2)/Po*Pao*((thetao-.5*x(1))/(1+eps*x(1)))-((thetaso+x(1))/(1-x(1)))^2/(Kp^2)); end e xdot(1,:)=-(ra)/fao; xdot(2,:)=(-1.12*10^(-8)*(1-.055*x(1))*x(3))*(5500*visc+2288)/x(2); xdot(3,:)=(5.11*(Ta-x(3))+(-ra)*(-deltah))/(fao*(sum+x(1)*dcp));...
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