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Cogn 20 study guide - 1. What is the relationship between...

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1. What is the relationship between self and society? And what is the role of social interaction in forming that relationship? 2. how do these people define power? And how does it manifest the production of power? How do they say power is produced? COHI: communications as it happens. Focus on activity (the way we engage in our environment) how we, the society of everyday interaction, is organized so that we can perpetuate the dominant hegemony as “common sense’ Cogn 20 study guide: Raymond Williams: -Cultural Materialism: culture is ordinary. Brings attention culture to the relationship between ourselves to our everyday life. -“materialism” focusing on the concrete activities that make social life possible (emphasis on human activity) Language, Expression, and Self-Transformation, HIP-COHI (micro practices)- communication as it happens. Human interaction in the moment -how is “self” made, communicated, and transformed through social interaction? *George Herbert Mead : self is the product of social interaction -relationship between communication, society, and self -"I" is "the response of the organism to the attitudes of the others (in the moment) The "I," in contradistinction, is "the answer which the individual makes to the attitude which others take toward him when he assumes an attitude toward them . . . it gives the sense of freedom, of initiative." "me" is the organized set of attitudes of others which one assumes. (reflective self) The "me" is the self as conceived and apprehended in terms of the point of view of significant others and of the community at large. It reflects the laws and the mores, the organized codes and expectations of the community. -self is the product of social interaction
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Herb Schiller -Emphasizes the power of the intuition of mass media (process of cultural imperialism) what has been the role of media to promote popular culture? -Militant power is augmented with “softer” forms of power (media) ex.
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Cogn 20 study guide - 1. What is the relationship between...

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