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DOC 2 midterm study guide-1

DOC 2 midterm study guide-1 - DOC 2 Justice Bible Verses 3...

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DOC 2: Justice Bible Verses: - 3 different basic views of justice; neither is wrong - Exodus o Eye for an eye; action yields reaction; whatever harm you do another, the punishment will be equal to the harm inflicted on the other - Matthews: o Resist urge to retaliate; be the bigger person - Job: o Don’t blame anyone else for any harm afflicted on you o God was just in taking it away because he awarded it to Job in the first place o Not applicable in modern life; used to console in times of accidents o God’s Law Athenians v. Melians: - might = right - history goes to the victor - people will naturally act in their own self-interest Declaration of Independence: - Endowed with certain unalienable rights, which among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - U.S.’s Social Contract Martin Luther King - Letter is a response to the clergymen’s request that he simmer down on his civil rights protestation o Told him his organizations were disorderly, so he should take his demonstrations to the courts, which is more civil - Justice too long delayed is justice denied - It’s just to break a law, if that law is unjust in itself o As long as you break it lovingly, openly, and willing to accept the consequences o A just law corresponds to natural laws and the laws of god Humans have morally obligation to obey just laws o
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