DOC 3 STUDY GUIIIIDEE - 1950s conformity anti-communism...

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1950’s” conformity anti-communism nuclear family/ patriarchy “date with your family” eisnhower 1960’s: a redefinition of culture “America” is being shifted civil right, black power movement, Vietnam, counter culture/ music/ flims, youth counter culture, hippies, student movement, feminism, beat generation, poem “America”, President: Johnson, Kennedy Black Power movement : separatist ideologist. Reminding America of what they fought for (civil war/ WWII) Are they radical or part of the tapestry of the US SNCC : founding platform: contrasting to the Black Power piece, it is very egalitarian. Feminism : Betty Freidan (The Feminine Mystique): woman are trapped in the role of the housewife. Woman are high educated, but they are trapped because there are no job opportunities (no outlet) Ex. Mrs. Robinson: she got pregnant in college, and she had no choice but to marry (fell into a trap) Her discontentment can be seen by her affairs. She used to paint, very intellectual (but, her college experience was cut short because of her pregnancy) UNHAPPY HOUSEWIFE Ex. No More Miss America : critique about the Miss America pageant (pg. 135). She argues for a new socially construction of women. The CURRENT Miss America image is Caucasian, always done up, has no strong values herself (apolitical: just goes around the war to troops, but she herself is bland in political view). Little girls look up to her: this “Barbie girl” image. New IMAGE of Miss America: Not Anti-men, but anti-patriarchy (not male bashers). Calling for a coalition of women with different ethnics, backgrounds, etc… Ex. Feminst singers: Aretha Franklin (powerful African American signer), Janis Jopkin VIETNAM WAR: Ex. The Things They Carried (Tim O’ Brien) fictional narrative: The intangible things eventually killed one of the soldiers. Tanigble things they carried: peaches and whipped
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DOC 3 STUDY GUIIIIDEE - 1950s conformity anti-communism...

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