Exam 3 Review - GB202 /definitions/ideas Chapter13 1 2 3 7...

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GB 202  LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS EXAM  3 REVIEW CHECKLIST While studying for the final exam in this course you might find it helpful to gain or  check on your familiarity with the following concepts / definitions / ideas: Chapter 13 1. definition of warranty 2. express warranty 3. implied warranties  4. merchantability 5. fitness for a particular purpose 6. title 7. reasonable expectation test 8. who may enforce warranties (privity) 9. product liability theory 10. negligence 11. strict liability 12. strict liability (elements) 13. definition of a defective product 14. crashworthiness doctrine 15. defenses to strict liability 16. misuse 17. assumption of the risk 18. state of the art defense 19. 20. types of freehold estates 21. fee simple absolute 22. fee simple subject to a condition subsequent 23. fee simple determinable 24. life estate 25. non-freehold estate
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26. future interest
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Exam 3 Review - GB202 /definitions/ideas Chapter13 1 2 3 7...

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