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APRIL 3, 2011 50 ° / 31 ° SEE All Jeannie Schmidt found two books of James Castle's art in this wall during renovations of the home she has owned for 15 years. She found ri ere works in the attic space above theroom JOE JASZEWSK1 / jjaszewskig' idahostatesman.eo Wh o ow n s s t ash James Castle art? The current owners of the Castle f ami ly home discovered the works in the walls and ceiling. A court likely will decide the trove ' s ownership. BY DANA OLAND cool to own a piece of Boise history." Boland Schmidt thought there might be © 2011 Idaho Statesman possibility of one day finding a piec Everyone likes a hidden treasure story. That's why "Antiques Road- show" is so popular, why people buy lottery tickets and why stories of found art - Pollocks in a storage con- tainer, Picassos in the basement - are so captivating. Now Boise has its own. Jeannie and Susan Schmidt bought
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Unformatted text preview: their house on Eugene Street in 1997 because it was where artist James Castle had lived from 1931 until he died in 1977. "I'm a history buff," Jeannie Schmidt said. "I thought it would be a e of Castle's art, even though his family had removed boxes and reams of it before they left. He was well-known to have secret-ed away his drawings and constructed figures, showing them off to visitors on his own terms. So the Schmidt sisters were always on the lookout. And after 15 years, while tearing out some old drywall in the sleeping porch, their dad, Eugene, found two Castle "books" - one of the artist's See CASTLE, A7 Three examples of work by lames Castle (above), though not from the disputed new find. JAMES CASTLE THE ARTIST Deaf, mute, illiterate- and a self-taught genius. A7 Idaho Statesman file photos...
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IDSTATESMANNEWSPAPER-James Castle article - their house on...

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