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Poly Sci Test 1 Review - T he Founding Edmund Burke ? James...

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The Founding Edmund Burke ?? James Otis Wrote “Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved. In it, he argued that any law in violation of the constitution and “common reason” could be declared void and un-enforceable. Given the constitutional princple that property not be taken without consent Declaration of Independence Made in 1776. What was the aim of the government? Security of unalienable rights (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, America is a liberal democracy which means the government derives power from the people but the government only acts in ways to protect the rights. Human nature and liberalism America is a liberal democracy. Government power derives from the people, but the government only acts in ways to protect rights. To secure these rights, government is implicated amongst men. Depraved human nature: Men are capable of virtue, but inclined to evil. We need a coercive government to keep the peace among people. Revolutionary State Governments Legislative Supremacy (CG 35-36) The legislature reigned supreme in the early American state governments. The other branches did not provide a check on its actions. Americans enshrined the kind of legislative supremacy exercised by Parliament in their new state governments (ironic) Debt relief and paper money (CG, 40) Creditors clashed with small farmers and merchants who were in debt due to the burdens of the war and the postwar depression. Farmers and merchants were often able to gain a sympathetic majority in the state legislature, which would then pass laws authorizing the printing of paper money and the suspension or transferal of debts. Shay’s rebellion Farmeres and artisans, mad about their economic situation and the government’s inability and unwillingness to come to their aid, turned to armed rebellion. This convinced many Americans who had
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been wavering that a stronger central government was necessary to check the excessive power of state governments. Federalism Power can be also divided and distributed along territorial lines. When a constitution recognizes the existence of sub-national units such as states or provinces and leaves powers for them to exercise. Separation of Powers This theory divides and balances government according to function rather than according to social class. Without this, constitutionalism cannot survive. There is now proper government balance. Articles of Confederation (features/defects)
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Poly Sci Test 1 Review - T he Founding Edmund Burke ? James...

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