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Structure: Suppliers, storage, manufacturing, storage, distributor, retailer, customer. Suppliers send materials to the manufacturers. However, manufacturers wont need the materials right away, so it will first be put into storage. When the manufactueres are ready, they will pull up whatever material they need and create the product. After the product is created, they put the product back into storage until sale. The product is then distributed to retailers. From the retailers, it is sold. For a service supply chain, it goes supplier, storage, service, and
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Unformatted text preview: customer. Rationale: Every business organization is part of at least one supply chain, and many are part of multiple supply chains. Often the number and type of organizations in a supply chain are determined by whether the supply chain is manufacturing or service oriented. Functions: Supply chains are involved in producing and delivering a product or service. Supply chain management is used for the purpose of integrating supply and demand management....
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