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Chapter 7 MGT - Chapter 7 Learning Objectives 1. Explain...

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Chapter 7 Learning Objectives 1. Explain the importance of work design (321) a. The importance of work system design is underscored by an organization’s dependence on human efforts to accomplish its goals. Work design is one of the oldest aspects of operations management. In the past, it has often been de-emphasized in operations management courses in favor of other topics. It is now an important key to productivity improvements and to continuous improvement. 2. Briefly describe the two basic approaches to job design (328) a. The efficiency school emphasizes a systematic, logical approach to job design. It is a refinement of Frederick Winslow Taylor’s scientific management concept, and received considerable emphasis in the past. b. The behavioral school emphasizes satisfaction of wants and needs. This approach followed and has continued to make inroads into many aspects of job design. 3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of specialization (328) a. MGT advantage: simplifies training, high productivity, low wage costs i. Disadvantages: difficult to motivate, worker dissatisfaction b. Labor advantage: low education/skill, min responsibilities, little effort
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i. Monotonous work, no chance for advancement, no control over work. 4. Explain the term knowledge based pay a. A pay system used by organizations to reward workers who undergo training that increases their skills. 5. Explain the purpose of methods analysis and describe how methods studies are performed a. Methods analysis focuses on how a job is done. It often begins with an analysis of the overall operation and then moves from general to specific details of the job, concentrating on arrangement of the workplace and movements of materials and or workers. b. Identify the operation to be studied, and gather all pertinent facts about tools equipment, materials, and so on c. For existing jobs, discuss the job with the operator and supervisor to get their input d. Study and document the present method of an existing job using process charts. For new jobs, develop charts based on information about the activities involved
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Chapter 7 MGT - Chapter 7 Learning Objectives 1. Explain...

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