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Chapter 10 MGT - Chapter 10 Learning Objectives 1 List and...

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Chapter 10 Learning Objectives 1. List and briefly explain the elements of the control process (465) a. Define: the first step means to define in sufficient detail what is to be controlled. For example, it is not enough to simply refer to a painted surface. The paint can have a number of important characteristics such as its thickness, hardness, and resistance to fading. b. Measure: only those traits that can be counted or measured are candidates for control. Thus, it is important to consider how measurement will be accomplished c. Compare: there must be a standard of comparison that can be used to evaluate the measurements. This will relate to the level of quality being sought d. Evaluate: management must establish a definition of out of control. Even a process that is functioning as it should will not yield output that conforms exactly to a standard, simply because of the natural variations inherent in all processes, manual or mechanical. The main task of quality control is to distinguish random from nonrandom variability, because nonrandom variability means that a process is out of control e. Correct: when a process is judged out of control corrective action must be taken. This involves uncovering the cause of nonrandom variability and correcting it f. Monitor Results: to ensure that corrective action is
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Chapter 10 MGT - Chapter 10 Learning Objectives 1 List and...

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