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Operations Research

Operations Research - -Try to find every near miss/failure...

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Operations Research - Don’t need to remember very much of it - Give statistics an objective basis so people can tell us whether we were right or wrong W. Edwards Deming - Protégé of walter shewhart. - Helped rebuild Japanese bases - Big idea was using statistics rigorously but also using profound knowledge - Someone in the process will know more about it then someone outside of the process - Theory of knowledge: given a set of data, what does it tell us, and what does it not tell us and how do we distinguish Influence of Japanese Manufacturers - Were the dominate factor in management innovation - Great contributor to the rise of Japan was Shigeo Shingo o Talks about the basis of the Toyota production. Also known as the machine that change the world Karl Weick (modern) - Talks about various organizations where the likelihood of failure is low, routine of operation is high, but the cost of failure is huge. o Aircraft carrier is an example he uses
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Unformatted text preview: -Try to find every near miss/failure so that they can correct it-Hands on management-Commitment to resilience: try to find a bunch of different ways to do a job SPC (Statistical Process Control)-Objectifying the data and evaluating on the basis of consistent statistics Eliyahu Goldratt-Author of the Goal-Need to look at business overall and see how we can earn more money-We can’t improve the system by optimizing each component. Theory of Constraints-We’ll come back to this later in the course Peter Senge-Critical Disciplines need to act together in order to remain competitive in the 21 st century Douglas DC-3-1 st airliner that could make scheduled air travel work. Enterprise Engineering-later Who should you know?-Look at power point-Know how to spell their name!-Know roughly when they were around-Know their theories and why they were presented...
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Operations Research - -Try to find every near miss/failure...

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