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Test Review ACC Test 2

Test Review ACC Test 2 - “effects of inventory errors”...

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Test Review 1. 6A: Class questions 1-9 a. HW: E6-2, E6-3, E6-4, E6-5 (a/b), E6-6 2. 6B: Class questions 1-4 a. HW: E6-5 (C), E6-9, E6-10, E6-17, P6-2 3. 6C: Class questions 1-2 a. HW: E6-8, P6-5, P6-10 4. 7A: pp318-331 Class questions 1-7 a. P7-3, Caspar Company, Garnet Company 5. 7B: pp331-337 Class questions 1-5 a. BE7-6, BE7-7 6. 7C: Class questions 1-3 a. HW: E7-18 (item 1), E7-19 (no d), P7-9 7. 8A: pp380-383 (through illustration 8-2) 386-389 (through
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Unformatted text preview: “effects of inventory errors”), 393-399, 406-411 a. BE8-5, BE8-6, BE8-7, E8-2 8. 8B: 399-406 Class questions 1-5 a. Abner Company, E8-26, P8-10 9. 9A: 446-448, 463-465 class question 1 a. HW: E9-9, E9-10, E9-27, Abner Company II 10. 9B: 449-451, 459-460, class questions a. HW: Q11 (p468), Q12, Q13, E9-11, E9-13, E9-21...
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