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APPLICATION/COVER LETTER AND RESUME ASSIGNMENT 100 POINTS TOTAL Complete the following employment assignments due _____________________ 1. Search the job market. Even though you may not be in the market for a job, become familiar with the kinds of available positions. Your task: Clip, print or copy a job advertisement or announcement from either (a) the classified section of the newspaper, (b) a job board on the web, (c) a company Web site, (d) internal posting, or (e) a professional association listing. Select an advertisement or announcement describing the kind of employment you are seeking now or plan to seek. Save the advertisement to attach to the resume you will write. 2. Write your resume. Using the data you developed in step one above, write your resume. Aim it at a full-time job, or part-time position, or internship. Attach a job listing for a specific position. Don’t include references and sensitive information. 3. Prepare your cover letter . Write a cover letter introducing your resume.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Target cover letter (50 points) and resume (50 points) to position. 5. Submit your RESUME, COVER LETTER and JOB DESCRIPTION (required) Resume Evaluation ______Format: Neat appearance, fills entire page, balanced margins, appropriate font type and size, everything (dates, state abbreviations, etc.) is consistent, no grammatical or spelling errors, easy to ready quickly (10 points) ______Job Objective: Clear, neat, well define, not too wordy, targets position (10 points) ______Education: Organized, neat, chronological, consistent, complete (10 points) ______Experience: Well define, organized, job descriptions clear, action verbs used, marketed well, consistent, correct tense (present/past), clear, concise and not too wordy (10 points) ______Skill, Honors, Activities, etc: Well organized, neat, easy to understand and read, targets position (10 points) Boise State University BUSCOM201 RESUME/APPLICATION LETTER ASSIGNMENT...
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