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John Smith 1 Activity Report 2 – Reflected Appraisal Review Chapter 3’s discussion of reflected appraisal (p. 59). Ask a parent or another close relative to list two positive characteristics they see in you (i.e. patience, intelligence, determination). Who do they believe influenced those characteristics? Friends? Parents? Grandparents? Siblings? Society? How were they communicated to you (Discussed explicitly? Modeled through behavior? Reinforced by parents? Etc.). Be sure to address what/who influenced each of the characteristics, how they
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Unformatted text preview: communicated those characteristics to you, and then relate this conversation to Chapter 3s discussion of reflected appraisal. Write a short essay discussing the responses. Guidelines: 1. The essay should be at least 1 full paragraph and no more than 1 page in length 2. Typed and double-spaced 3. 12 point, Times New Roman Font 4. Full name and page number in upper right hand corner of each page (see above) 5. Grammar and spelling that reflects university-level writing skills proof read!!...
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